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Tring Family Home

When a family repatriates from overseas, they might bring a few of their most treasured possessions with them. Everything else needs to be purchased including the home! However this provides a blank canvas to create a home in exactly the style that the clients want to achieve. Tring, was exactly one of these rare opportunities to start afresh and work together, to create a stunning end result. It certainly had it's challenges, in that after the initial visit and sign off on mood boards, everything else had to be done virtually due to the restrictions of Covid 19. Oh for the wonders of modern technology in that it allowed me to meet virtually with my wonderful clients during this time! Ensuring that everything that was ordered was as it should be and that it found it's home in the correct place. This weekend was the first opportunity that I had to visit Tring to see the end result. I have to say what we have created is a fantastic use of space, creating a home for this very special family and ensuring that,   
        "East Meets West" which was the brief from the outset.

How This Look Was Created Both Inside & Out.

Upon viewing this house, I was able to envisage how the space would look when it was finished. We needed to work together to create a home that lived well for a family of four who have a very busy lifestyle.  For a family who love entertaining, we needed a sleek kitchen and to make the garden into a superb entertaining area. I knew the garden needed to be seen as another room, not just an add on.   The quality of every item was very important to these clients and their enthusiasm for my designs was fantastic. They put a great deal of trust in me as I needed to order EVERYTHING they required and made sure each delivery was received and items replaced if we were not happy with the quality. The house flows perfectly and the stunning light is maximised by the use of natural light, strategically placed mirrors, subtle uses of the paint colours and even the type/luminosity achieved by each light fitting, lamp and bulb to create the desired design and atmosphere.

Please Note -
I want you to see the full splendour of this beautiful commission and have used full resolution images which may take a couple of moments to load.

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