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My first commission! The story so far......

Well it has certainly been an interesting few months. I thought I would show you how I am getting on. Obviously everything has been put on hold and I will not be able to put the completed photos on my website and in my blog until we are all out of isolation and I can add the finishing touches. However I have some 'before' photos to start us off.

My first commission is in Tring. It is a gorgeous, three bedroomed mews style house in the centre, within walking distance to the great cafés and a superb pub! The house was completely empty when I started, I had a blank canvas. The family who have bought the property have just moved from Singapore and have only brought a couple of pieces of furniture and a treasured art collection.

I was asked to complete a mood board for each room and the garden. I met with the family, visited the house and spoke to them about their, ideas, wants and needs and to get a sense of the style they were wanting to achieve. This commission entailed designing an entrance hall, a sitting room, a teenage boy's room, a young girl's room, a master bedroom and a small but perfectly sized garden which will be become an entertaining area. It has two bathrooms and a downstairs loo that just need accessorising but the rest needed painting and all pieces of furniture and accessories. The kitchen is being refurbished by a local company with me just adding ideas on the layout, colours and purchasing the accessories as well as purchasing all the kitchen equipment.

Normally I would provide the client with a shopping list and then they would purchase all the furniture and accessories, but this client asked me to do the ordering and purchasing as well. It has been exciting, great fun, challenging and extremely rewarding to work on this commission, I just can't wait to put it all together now and to show you the finished result.

Here are the external photos, I will add more internal photos as the days go on.

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