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A young girl's dream room.

One of my client's children is a young lady who has had fantastic ideas about her new bedroom for a long time now. Nearly all the furniture has arrived and is being put in place. A lot of the design has come from my very talented daughter who is about to embark on a Textile Design degree. We work well together and are continuously sharing ideas and changing aspects in our own home. We have just painted her bedroom, she chose fantastic colours and accessories...…. photos will follow when she has finished (and when she finally agrees to let me blog about it).

The smallest room in my client's house is certainly the fullest, but great care has been taken to work with the limited space, creating a calm, cosy and elegant room that reflects her creative personality.

These are the photos so far, once again finishing touches will be done when I am able to travel to the property.

Choosing the colours.

The mattress and canopy arrived first. We are still waiting for the base of the bed and the open wardrobe.

A wall shelf is being used as a dressing table, leaving more floor space. The wire drawer

unit is doubling up as a side table with a good amount of storage.

A large number of cushions have been bought for the house, of course the white and pink ones were for this room! Fairy lights will be added soon.

This is when virtual design was interesting. Trying to explain where the canopy, cushions, mirror and side table where going was hilarious . Well done to the client for doing so well and for being so patient!

Stay safe everyone. Enjoy the sunshine if you are able to.

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