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A commission in Helmsley

Updated: May 11, 2020

A few months ago I started a commission for a sitting room in a house that is being transformed in Helmsley. After talking to the clients I put together 2 mood boards for the room. They had already brought some fantastic furniture but they just needed some help to buy some more pieces and put it all together.

They had found a lovely sofa and 2 armchairs .......

The client has found this gorgeous fabric which was used to make curtains for the big bay window and the French doors. We decided to use this as our base to work from, thinking about what colours we could use in the fabric for light shades and cushions.

The lamp shade is made from the same fabric of the curtains. It was decided that we needed to buy a piece of furniture for this corner.

This new television unit goes beautifully with the sofa and armchairs as well as the curtains.

The new fireplace is simple and elegant. Above the fire is a large oak mirror.

When I was shopping for this client, I saw this perfect cushion for them and just had to purchase it.

As well as the sitting room, I have been asked to help with the entrance hall which is a lovely space with great lighting and a beautiful staircase.

Once again, we are waiting for all deliveries to be completed and for me to be allowed to visit the property in order to finish the job to a high standard. In my next blog I will show you what the plan is for the bay window and I would like to mention local business that are providing excellent service. By the way, I just love the front door!

Stay safe everyone!

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